Tuesday, January 06, 2015

New Year and New Hotwife Experiences

Well, after a long hiatus, we are back. Nothing like a new year for new beginnings and finding old beginnings anew.

We must confess, for some time, we actually thought about taking our blog down. We received some wonderful comments and emails while we've been away that helped us decide to leave it up, albeit in a dormant state. Note, we aren't ones for New Year's resolutions. We believe that if your going to decide to do something, do it today. Don't wait for a date on the calendar.  But, we recently were on vacation and talked about what things we would like to do, or do again, in 2015. We've both always been drawn to writing and education (and the hotwife lifestyle). So, naturally, the blog came up.

We will write a bit about what we've been doing while away (yes, still living the fantastic dream of the lifestyle), what changes have occurred in or lives (the girls are older now, And is still working and I'm still playing) and what new directions we're going (changes we're planning to make and other items we're planning).

We want to thank all of you that have kept this blog on your reading list. Do us a favor and say hello by writing a comment or sending us an email. It's because if you, your fantasies, your desire and the lifestyle choice you too are exploring that keep us going so many years later. We will also be posting some new photos. It's about time you see how a, now, 40 something hotwife and her committed husband look. Still working to stay in shape and young!

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Follow up to the Hotwife Letter

Our Kasidie friends that asked for advice sent this follow up response and request and gave permission to post to our blog.  Since we've been kind of quiet (writer's block and, well, a lack of activity in our own fun lol), we thought we'd post this to see if anyone had any follow up comments.  Great comments and guidance from DJ.  If you missed them, see the previous post comment made.  We couldn't have said it any better.  Thanks to all our thoughtful readers who share our hotwife interest!

 I would like to know if, after reading the comment on the blog, and then reading what this update entails, if you think that any of the said issues have been addressed and resolved?

We met with B again last night. The guy is always up for an intelligent conversation and very well mannered. So we made small talk for about 30 minutes until C said she was going upstairs. We promptly followed her to the bedroom. Still being shy she was not interested in initiating so B took her into his arms and began to undress her. From that point on she was in a different mindset. From our first encounter B had said he wanted to see her squirt and then try himself. That really got her going and by the look of some pictures taken, she was really enjoying the fingers stroking her just right. It wasn’t too much longer and he was all geared up and had entered her in the missionary position. The look C gives when a man enters her is such a shot to my cock that I instantly got hard. This is one of her favorite positions so it wasn’t long and she was cuming on his cock. B is a bit of an ass man so he had her rolled over in a rear entry position very quickly. This position sent C to another level.  There were very few times her eyes were able to look straight as she came over and over sending her eyes to the back of her head.  I gave C my cock to suck on as she took him from behind, and this seemed to fill her lust for the situation. She is a great cock sucker, but the spots B was hitting made C only able to hold me in her mouth, as I swelled, and moan. I was in heaven.  They stopped so B could recompose for a little bit as I could see he was about to cum. Then C asked him she could ride him. And she rode him very commandingly. This position for her can really get her going if the man takes control. But C flipped the script. I have never seen her take such command of a cock.  The way she took him up to his head and then thrusting herself onto him was captivating. The highlight for me was when they moved to reverse cowgirl. Her eyes, every time she looked at me, I could see they said “thank you�.  But I knew my thoughts and worries, if they ever had a chance at ending this lifestyle, were gone when she looked at me with such sincerity, and said, “I love you�.  The moment was almost a bit mushy but I knew, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that my HW was mine and always will be.
                Now for the fireworks. She had taken him anally the first time we met. But tonight she said she wanted to give DP a try. But she wanted me to take her ass because I can read her and understand her cues. I had no complaints about that. So while she rode B, I came to enter from behind. I was rock hard and ready. However, I think I solidified that I have no interest in men. The moment we touched our legs together I would lose my erection. So I let them continue so I could find myself again. After a few more mishaps I was able to let my wife enjoy the feelings of two hard and substantial cocks filling her. She said the feeling coupled with the hands and slow movements were amazing and she loved DP. I continued to give her ass a few good orgasms. This apparently had B to the point where he was about to lose it as he stopped C from grinding a few times.  For B to finish, he wanted C’s ass. I knew how much he was an ass man and gladly switched with him. I cleaned up so I could enter C from the front, but again I was a little shy with the situation. But lying under C as she came from B’s hard cock stretching her ass really helped that out.  B came quickly and I continued to fuck C as she laid on me covered in sweat. It was beautiful. I could tell C was getting a little sore and so we stopped. B cleaned up and we showed him out the door. Of course we all agreed that this was to become a normal thing as long as the schedules align.
                After B had left we ate and went upstairs. I then asked C if I could reclaim her. She was not opposed one bit. While I took back my wife, I told her all the things that happened that night that made me know we are here for good. A slow and sensual love making session reinforcing our own abilities to love each other the way only we can was exactly what we needed. It was fantastic! Of course, needing to get up in a few hours, we both found ourselves wide awake. So we sat and talked about life in general until we both passed out while holding each other.

I would say that the short nap was all worth it. 

Saturday, September 07, 2013

Hotwife Letter Advice Requested

We received the following message on Kasidie last week and, with the permission of the couple, we are sharing it with our readers.  We do so hoping that our wonderful followers and readers will comment and help this wonderful couple on the journey in the hotwife lifestyle.  We are confident they'll receive some helpful feedback.

We are sorry it has taken so long to write back. We have been a little busy with life and with the HW life, but more on that in a few. I (husband) am greatly appreciative of your blog and the both of you for your insight on things. I have a few concerns and was wondering if there was anything you could offer me. I toy with the idea of C going out alone and coming back to me. But I am also just like And in that I am very much not a cuckold.

That being said, we had a mf(m), as we put it, last night and it was as hot as anything we've done in the past seven years of being in the lifestyle. I was so enthralled with the scene and capturing it all that I did not join in as much as she'd like in their first session. 

We meet a guy on AFF and met for drinks last night. C was not planning on doing anything, but I know her too well and assured her that she would want to but it, as always, is her choice. After some drinks we headed back to our place with him following us. I told C how hard I was at the thought of her in the car with him and after some apprehensions we made the switch with a mile left to home.

You see C is a very loving mother and we have an image, just as everyone else, to uphold. As it is said that every women has a slut (only word we know that sums her up) in her and all it takes is the right guy. Well that is me. But she is experiencing some guilt if you will because of past stigmas. But this night I think changed all that.

We were only talking at the house with the notion of nothing happening still. I watched them talk with each other on the love seat and then went into the kitchen for something. I turn to look out the window overlooking the living room so I could see their heads. To my surprise, they were kissing and then the next thing you know she was sucking his dick. So I came up on her and fingered her. She loves sucking cock and my fingering brought her to squirt.  After that they moved to sex. That's really when her slut came out.

Biting, swearing, and a bliss like one that only being with another man in front of her husband brings her. They we really sweating it out when she was asked to receive anal from him. She was so into that she let him and that's how he finished. That is when I felt the urge to want to reclaim her but she took him upstairs only to come right back down for another session, albeit a much shorter one. But this seemed to not suit me well given my feelings at the time. Not wanting to spoil anything I watched again as my wife moaned but I could tell she was not cumming again. After they showered and he left.

We talked and settled it all out. I felt it to be worth the moment to really discover my feelings on the moment as it had just played out. We went to sleep and woke back up in a few hours to get the kids. That is when I reclaimed her in the shower. The bond that we have is obviously far greater than just sex - she came the only way she does when she is with me. THAT was the cherry. I expressed my feelings to the other man today and he was very understanding - as he should be. So, I know we will be seeing him again. But this time I will have to put it all in the memory bank and express the animalistic urge to establish myself instead of taking pics and vids. 

We talk and talk and talk. While I can put too much pressure on this topic, I have found a safe and sweet spot. We have been through a lot as a prior military couple within the lifestyle. So we know we are not like every other couple in terms of jealousy and secrecy. There is an understand that we are humans and it is by our own free will that we choose to love each other. Just as it would be to cheat on each other. What we have found is that we love sex and I love watching her have sex just as she does me. But couples are hard to find that we all are compatible with. Which is why we love mfm and she is very content with the HW only being with mfm and never a solo thing. Until last night. I knew once we met the right guy she would consider it. But as you said she is concerned with my reactions.

As I said, when they finished they went to shower up and came back down to have another session. C would not do it without being in front of me. Since we rarely ever have sex multiple times in a night, I was taken aback at this and lost my desires for the moment. This seems to conflict with my thoughts otherwise.  I understand it is a different circumstance but same theme. Truly we both love this lifestyle but I think there may be some guidelines that, for now, may stay as a fantasy. However, we know that we will never know until the deed is done. How do you guys or did you guys handle this desire?

Thursday, August 29, 2013

T - A Hotwife in Training?

Well, a first for our blog (I believe). This doesn't come lightly but has been earned.  Since we posted the letter T wrote to And and me, we've had quite a number of email, text, phone and personal discussions.  Since her man, M, is now out of state and T is alone for some period of time, we've taken her 'under our wing' a bit.

You see, T has always identified herself as bi-sexual...but has always remained monogamous to her guy. Now, there are any number of reasons why...and we'll not get into these here....but T has always described herself as  someone that is lifestyle-friendly....with a bit of a Domme side.  She has a strong sense of commitment yet understands and, agrees with, the term 'monogamish' (coined by Dan Savage). Is she a hotwife-in-training?  Perhaps.

Recently, she has expressed a desire to expand her boundaries, experience new sexual adventures and explore her hotwife side.  While, technically, she and M aren't married, they remain very committed to each other.  She just realizes the distance, her needs and her growth.  You see, as T indicated, she was a 'unicorn' in the lifestyle.  She introduced M to the lifestyle.  She is a beautiful, intelligent woman. She wishes to continue to explore all she is as a woman and as a person.  She wants to do this while respecting her relationship with M.  M is far from a cuck - a strong man with hunky looks. But, he also trusts us and wishes for T to continue to grow while remaining emotionally committed.

So she's asked for a trusting man to show her...more.  I am proud to offer her And as a guide.  He is already helping her in many ways non-sexual...including her desire for a new business venture.  Plus, with And occupied, I get even greater freedom and will learn to grow as a hotwife and a loving wife. So, with her permission, we introduce T....MILF and hotwife-in-training.

Friday, August 23, 2013

A Letter from T (Hotwife to be?)

A few weeks back, we received a letter from our dear friends, T and M (see the July posts Midsummer's Hotwife Dream for more about our hot weekend), that we met on Kasidie.  We wanted to share this letter but wanted to respect T's private correspondence and confession with us.  I spoke with her again the other day and she said, "Oh sure.  I'd be honored to be a part of your hotwife blog!" LOL

I don't think we ended the story of our weekend but we had a wonderful time with these two.  Not only did we spend a wonderful Saturday evening with them, we carried the fun through to Sunday.  We ate breakfast together (check that off the list), attended a hot party together on Sunday afternoon and had dinner with them before dropping them off at their place.  While we thought about coming in for some end-of-weekend fun, the preceding 36 hours together were perfect and we didn't want to spoil it. Reading her letter, in fact, it appears they continued the fun after we dropped them off and we just might have inspired some good erotic adventures between the two of them!

Here is their brief (and edited to protect their identity) letter:

Dear And & Rach,

Thank you for being such gracious hosts and for sharing a delectable weekend with us.  Although M and I don’t consider ourselves “swingers”, we have been curious about the lifestyle for quite some time.  I find labels distasteful to begin with as they stereotype people and situations too randomly.  

As you are well aware, I was a unicorn (not in real life but in the lifestyle…lol) before I met M, but I have only really been with one couple - if you know what I mean.  Introducing M to the “other side” has been a challenging, yet rewarding experience, but it has been slow going. Watching him open up sexually with another woman has definitely spiced up our sex life and has led to new and more erotic experiences for us. M and I have our share of growing to do and I believe you and Rach are the perfect guides for this journey.  Rach and her off-the-charts sexual energy and gorgeous looks, combined with your sex appeal, hot physique and charisma make for a powerful drug that is impossible to resist.

I look forward to many more similar titillating weekend excursions.  I will keep you posted on how M and I progress in our own excursions. I will stay in touch with you on Kasidie and will be checking your blog for steamy updates on your end.  I also wanted to thank you again for letting me open up to you about my “difficulties” in the bedroom.  I look forward to our chats and your guidance has already helped me tremendously!



We were so looking forward to spending more time with them but recently found out that M is heading out of state for a new job.  T is staying behind for now but may join him there.  So, I'll be missing out on my hunk...but I think I may just have found a new, sexy friend for And...and me. Threesome! ;)

Monday, August 19, 2013

Hotwife Cuckold Comments

Thank you for the great comments thus far.  Really insightful how different people define their personal take on this subject.  I guess it just goes to show how we each celebrate the hotwife lifestyle a little differently (see the previous blog post and comments for questions haha).

I could definitely see And on the side of being a bull in another's mfm experience.  He can be an aggressive, dominant lover.  he also is fit and well-equipped.  He loves seeing me pleasured and loves 'taking me back' in the times in between my experiences.  We have also done some couples play and I do love seeing him with another too.  He deserves it!  But, he tells me - and perhaps this fans my hotwife flames - that he really enjoys watching me with another more.  When we've been with another couple, he tends to make me the center of everything going on.  i would say he spends as much, if not more, time touching, pleasing and playing with me as he does the other female.  I guess that's why we gravitate toward mfm more times than not. As he says, he just likes seeing his MILF receive as much pleasure as she desires.   What can I say.  He's a voyeur at heart! I am not one to complain! LOL

For many, it would seem, there are bi-sexual or gay connotations with admitting you are a cuck.  i dont think this fits everyone and certainly not my guy.  I dont see my And as ever being bi-sexual or gay.  He has told me that he likes seeing me with a nice cock....long, thick or both.  But I think he described it as seeing a nice car or a nice piece of jewelry.  He's an admirer more than having bi-sexual thoughts.  Believe me, we've been in some 'tight' positions.  He's had incidental contact.  I've even played with this some in the bedroom....and, simply put, he says it's just not his thing.  Personally, I do get turned on, on some occasion, by the thought of seeing two men.  I can't be the only one, can I?  I guess he is just decidedly straight.  Oh well....that gives me a thought for my next fantasy! Two men that play as a three way team.  Wonderful!

Okay, before I turn off those of you that are saying...ugh, not for me.  It is a seldom thought experience.  So, back to my original question, that still remains unanswered.  Is there not another name for the man of a hotwife that isn't 'cuck'?  If so, we should invent one!

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Thoughts of a Hotwife Cuckold?

I recently read an interesting perspective on defining the thoughts of a cuckold. I wanted to share it with our hotwife audience to ask...does this represent your idea of a cuckold? You see, the often misunderstood idea I have of a cuckold is that they relish being humiliated. They enjoy hearing about the 'superiority' of their hotwife's lovers. My impression is that they relish the idea that they aren't 'enough' for their wife and that someone...a Bull...is required to pleasure their MILF as they can't. But, as I read this email, I began to wonder...

If your husband is a cuckold he is different from other men. He doesn't think about sex every 7 seconds. He thinks about YOUR SEX every 7 seconds! Yes, he thinks about your pussy (sorry to be so blunt!).
Cuckold husbands derive ALL their sexual pleasure through one person. YOU! They are voyeuristic and desire to see THEIR porn star live and in person. If you are smart, you'll remember this and USE it to your advantage.
Sure, men think about sex constantly. That's okay, because that's what makes them men and we love them for it. What you want to do is make sure that your husband never, EVER thinks about anyone other than you.
You want to make sure that the picture in his mind is YOUR pussy. Cuckold husbands are the most faithful husbands any woman can have because they are focused only on their wife. The irony is that the best way to keep them faithful and focused just on you (and YOUR pussy) is to cheat on them. Give your pussy to others. Sleep with other men and they will love you MORE than you ever thought possible.
Life could be worse. You could be worrying about a cheating husband like the rest of the wives out there. Or you could be bored to death in your marriage and be looking to cheat yourself. But you don't have to. Your ticket to a solid marriage is to do what many other women do, but you can do it openly, with your husbands knowledge. Not only will he thank you for it, he will want you to do it more. The more pleasure you get, the more pleasure he will have.
Don't be like all those other women. They don't know what you know. You know he thinks about it every 7 seconds. You know how to keep him thinking about yours and yours alone, and have all the pleasure you can handle while keeping him focused only on you.
Are you going to be a Hotwife or a Ho Hum wife? Whose pussy does your husband have on his mind? Yours? Someone else's? Do you know?

Perhaps a cuckold isn't so easy to define. Perhaps we - the lovers of mFm encounters - need to come up with another term. One that doesn't say 'I love to be humiliated'. The husband of a hotwife surely enjoys seeing and hearing about his love taking pleasure from another. He is a voyeur at heart and enjoy seeing his woman pleasured. But many do not enjoy having it verbalized. They just enjoy the experiences and, perhaps somewhere, realize that mongamish is a perfectly wonderful world. So, what would you call a cuckold that isn't the stereotype? You see, I have a husband that doesn't see himself as this...and I want a term that fits him. Ha ha.