Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Am I a hotwife?

It seems, reading thru the email and posts that everyone is wondering about that. By the way, thank you, I do feel better. I felt so bad that everyone is showing up and I couldn't let you all in on the rest of the weekend. What an aweful host I am! But really, I didn't feel up to writing for a few days. Just tired I guess from all the activities - both with AND and our two girls and all that life throws at you.

So AND was describing Saturday and, I must say, he did a good job of describing everything without stealing my story. He joked to me that no one likes him commenting anyway and not too many helped him with his dilemna about whether he was gay. I've told him there is no way he is, he loves seeing women too much. I could tell from the looks he was sending sitting at the pool on our weekend away.

He was also right about me feeling nervous. A, as I guess he is naming him, made me nervous just looking at me. He was so handsome with olive brown skin, full thick black waves of hair and those deep brown eyes that made me want to turn away with embarrassment at his looks. The only thing he didn't have was a gorgeous smile and that kinda turned me off (men, take it from a girl, get the teeth whitened!)

SO AND started needling me as we walked back to the room, asking me why I was so nervous. I guess it was just knowing that he had seen us making love and I felt a bit shy about the fact that he'd seen me sucking AND the night before. Funny thing is, that is what it was. It wasn't that he'd seen us have sex. I mean, they couldn't see that much anyway, right?

So we relaxed for awhile, I actually fell asleep and was only awoken by the slight movements of the bed and AND's hand on my hip squeezing it a bit. AND had decided to rent an adult movie and seeing me asleep, he chose to masturbate next to me. For a moment, I acted like I was asleep. It was kinda weird but at the same time kinda erotic. I don't know the last time I had "caught" him stroking his cock without me watching him do it. This was entirely different. He had rented a movie that had MILF in the title, not sure what it's full name was. Anyway, I stirred, to let him know that I was wakening and he suddenly stopped. I smiled at him as I opened my eyes and asked him what got him so excited. He told me the basic plot of what he was watching. Two guys find married women at routine places and take them somewhere to have sex. He was envisioning me doing that - having one penis in my mouth and the other in my kitty.

I told him I don't think I'd ever do something like that, go off with two men I just met at the mall and have a threesome. How unreal. I told him that I needed some time to get to know someone first. He asked if an hour of watching someone have sex on the beach, a few glances at a pool and a quick conversation in the hallway were enough, to which we both laughed. I told him, no, but perhaps dinner and dancing would. As I said that, out of the corner of my eye, I could see his half hard cock twitch with excitement.

It didn't take any asking on his part for me to lean down and take him in my mouth. I am not sure how long he'd been 'jerkin the beef' but he was quite hot and quite swollen as I licked his head and tongued his shaft. Within 20 seconds, he started to tighten and made a sound that told me he couldn't hold it. He came straight up and shot a big shot of his cum over my head! After several smaller pulses, his hot cum was sliding down over my fingers on his manly (did I just make that term up? how many words are there for penis? lol). I licked at my fingers and at the sensitive underside of him to which I received a couple more twitches.

As I got up and came back with a wet cloth to clean him, I saw him put his arm over his eyes and thought something was wrong. I asked, and he gave me a hurt grin and said he was sorry. About what? I asked if he was sorry that he'd come so fast. I must have laughed a little, which didn't help. I then realized that he was hurt and told him, 'hun, it makes me proud when I can get you to orgasm that quickly'. What is it with men that don't understand the sense of power a girl feels when her man cums fast. Sometimes when you are giving head, a quicky is just what a girl wants!

He got up and said that at least he hoped he got that out of his system. I told him not to be so hard on himself (no pun intended) and that I very much enjoyed it. Besides, I told him, I hadn't seen him shoot that high in a long time. He told me the reason he thinks he did that is that he loved thinking about me with the two men in the mall. I told him that that is one fantasy he will probably have to keep at just that, no complete strangers for me. On the other hand, I said as I walked to the bathroom to shower and get ready for dinner, our friends from last night are not a complete strangers. It didn't take long for him to follow me in to the bathroom and make long, passionate love to me while we showered. God, how I love sex in the water.

I am going to stop for now. I don't know how many women read this but if you do, here is some advice. If you have a guy that can turn it around quickly, go ahead and give him a blowjob. Don't stop, just let him cum. Give him some time and, I promise you, the second time it will be all about you!

As for the question of my title? Well, let's see, no, I don't think I qualify for that label yet. But I will try to post tomorrow and tell you the rest of the night and let you be the judge. Right now, I have to get some sleep, it's late for me and my hands are tired of typing. Whew, that was long!


kindabiz said...

yes .... u r definitely a hotwife ! and that too an understanding one with a truthful insight to a womans' & mens' insight !

yes, i m sure u all women love it when we cum soon enough in yr mouth !!! makes u powerful !

Dee's Husband Joe said...

Well, let's see, no, I don't think I qualify for that label yet.

Labels are vasty overrated. You're plenty hot for me, and that's just in reading you. In person you've got to be scorching!


Stone said...

Rach, please tell us more. You are hot, sensual, and very nice, to boot. Your husband is a lucky man; indeed, on a number of fronts. I love to hear your side of things, but I for one also want to hear his side as well. Please do tell more.