Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Hotwife blog notification

Last night, Rach called me before she went to bed and told me to read the new post recapturing the day's events. She told me it would be good for another big cum shot..lol.

I read the post and immediately went over to the website we use to track the amount of traffic we are receiving on our blog (don't worry, it doesn't identify any of you but just gives me some basic stats of how many are on, what part of the country the current on traffic live, how they found us, etc). I am always amazed that right after Rach or I post, the traffic seems to suddenly increase. It's like many of our readers get a notification or know when we publish some new writings. Either that, or you are so addicted to our blog that you check it every twenty minutes...lol.

While I am hoping for the later, because there is something so sexy about a bunch of couples and singles checking out our site when we post, I am thinking that somehow you've subscribed to our blog and get an email notification or something when we post anything new. I am asking because we, like you, have our favorite bloggers and I'd like to know when the post something new. So give up the info already. I want in!


G said...

I, for one, am simply addicted to your blog! I check it routinely, and found myself anxiously waiting for Rach's posting after her meeting yesterday! I can only imagine how often I will be checking your blog when you decide to meet your lucky guy! Thank you again for an amazing Blog! Ciao, G

funguy said...

Andrew/Rachel, I try to check your blog regulary. I enjoy reading your experiences that you two going thru. Thanks for sharing.

Financial Artist said...

This is all so terifically hot, Andrew. Don't keep us waiting too long for the...er, climax!

The Erotic Couple said...

Well, for me I use "Bloglines" and it is a feed that will tell me when my bloggers update. I love using it cause I read a good amount of people!
I don't always get to check everyday(time, kids, etc) but I know who has updated, and can keep track.
That way, when I am ready to read - it is there.

j said...

I'm in the every twenty minute camp! Have been for a long time. Love your blog.

Odysseus said...

i use google reader. just subscribe to the rss feeds of your favorite blogs and it does all the work for you. you can even stick it in your google homepage as a module.

v said...

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