Sunday, September 16, 2007

My first 'date' is set

So I am meeting Rick for coffee tomorrow morning. I can't sleep - both excited and nervous. We are meeting at a fairly busy place and we've spoken enough on the phone and over the computer that both And and I are satisfied he is not some stalker, freak or other

I do appreciate the comments and I have thought about the married aspect of it. Perhaps I am a bit naive in my thinking but Rick assures me that if it ever came to his wife finding out, he'd make a full confession of his activities and face the consequences of his extra activities. I know I am not the first wife or woman he has pursued or had so I don't feel like I am doing anything that he hasn't done before and would not be the only guilty party if there was any hurt caused. I also have questioned him enough and he has been consistent about his marriage. He was up front about his relationship so I don't feel he has deceived us in any way. I know this all sounds really bad but something about him having more to lose and having a real vested interest in keeping all this very discreet makes me feel a bit more at ease. I do still get a scared feeling if any of this ever came out to our family or friends. Not enough to scare me to much, obviously, but I want someone I know will be as quiet about these activities as we are. His attachment, while in some ways a real detriment, help. Does that sound crazy or bad?

I still haven't decided what to wear! I mean, it's just coffee, right? There will be other business people, friends meeting friends and the like and I don't want to dress to sexily. But at the same time, I don't want to dress to conservative. What if he thinks I look like some prudish I know, I'll dress sorta business sexy. Something that says I am sexy yet classy. I think I can manage that.

And is headed out on a trip first thing in the morning. He just started packing (can't get over how men can pack in about 20 minutes) so I thought I'd come write something real quick for all of you to read in the morning. I am a bit nervous that he is headed out of town but he seems calm and says everything will be fine and that I'll do great. Nothing will happen while And is away, that we both agree on. He'll be back on Wednesday and if things go well tomorrow, And and I have talked about making a decision on which man will have the first hotwife date with legs are shaking and my kitty is wet just writing about

I'll try to update tomorrow when I get back on how things went. For now, I think And is wrapping up his packing and I have to get up and show him how excited I am for tomorrow!


G said...

Great!! Rach I am so excited to hear about your first meeting! This must be so exciting for you two! I know that if I were is And's place, I would be checking my watch/phone/email constantly wondering how the meeting was progressing! This must be so exciting for you both, enjoy it!

The Erotic Couple said...

Ok, but...what if it was And on the other end of this and he was sneaking behind your back?
sorry...was just a thought that popped up in my head! lol..

Financial Artist said...

I just found your blog and read the whole thing - start to finish - tonight. I find your posts riveting...not the typical cheesy erotica. Much more intelligent, probing and thought provoking. Hotter than the average blog!

One request: PLEASE stop apologizing every time you drop off for awhile. You owe your audience nothing. If you post when you don't feel like it, you are compromising the integrity of the blog. Like the sex, do it at your own pace.