Thursday, October 27, 2011

Sexy Hotwife Halloween Parties

Last weekend, we attended a 'lifestyle' Halloween party. It seems this time of year brings out the naughty, devilish side in a lot of people. Eroticism is rampant in the history of movies related to Halloween and we find the connection both fun and disappointing. Why does it seem that the public wants to make sex evil a tad....evil?

We had fun dressing up as the naughty nurse and an GYN doctor (free pelvic exams LOL) but found the evenings events didn't lead to anything erotic outside our own fun filled night role-playing after the party. It's a bit difficult meeting anyone at these events - everyone is dressed in ghoulish costumes and make-up and it was a bit of a mob scene. Add to that the cost of going to events like this ($125 to get in the door and then pay expensive prices for drinks - even nonalcoholic ones!) and a bit of the 'amateur hour' feel of the people. It is definitely limited to a once-in-a-very-great-while type event we'll attend.

We did pick up a single girl and take her to the event (she'd not been to anything like this before). We had some fun flirting with this sexy little sailor girl before she found another couple that she had known previously and spent most of her evening with them. We simply watched some of the entertainers, walked around looking at everyone's costumes and danced the night away together. While Rach received plenty of comments on her naughty nurse outfit (and one couple asked if they could touch her perfect breasts) no single guys really caught Rach's eye.

Thinking about the night, while we had fun, we definitely prefer meeting single men - and, more recently, adding other couples and single females into our mix - in a more intimate setting. That's what's great in the times we live. Meeting people through adult personal websites is both initially anonymous and allowing of a get-to-know period. We find that works best for keeping our play lives separate from our daily responsibilities.

While some are okay with mindless sex (and we don't make any judgments...for some is what they desire, no strings), we prefer to get to know the people we might entertain a bit more than the quick introduction and jump in the sack. While we aren't always out to make life-long friends or lasting relationships, we find the encounters we have are much more enjoyable if we get to know a bit about the people first. Of course, there are exceptions to that rule...when the timing is right and the chemistry is felt. But, for consistency and our way of life, meeting people online seems to work best.

With that disclaimer, we are heading to another party dressed in costume again this weekend. It is a private party of a couple we've known for some time. We've shared with them our primary interest in entertaining single men and they tend to agree that a threesome is a lot easier to accommodate than a foursome. They've invited a few couples and a few sexy, single guys (and one single girl) over to their home. We aren't certain that this event will lead to anything more than the more public venue, but it certainly seems the odds are greater we may end up in some erotic, costume-free fun at this party than the last!

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Vanessa Chaland said...

Sounds like a great time was had by all. I do often wish I resided in an area that was a bit larger and where more functions of this nature were possible. :)