Thursday, March 08, 2012

Redbook Hotwife Article

As I said a couple days ago, I was sorta amazed that I've recently found two articles in recent mainstream women-focused publications.   I think it's wonderful that the magazines like Women's Health and Redbook are beginning to realize what all of us here already know....normal couples like the idea of a non-monogamy, committed relationship.  As I read the Redbook article (a link to both articles is in some of our previous posts), I was thinking to myself that this couple, while exploring swinging, appear to have some of the telltale signs of actually being a hotwife relationship.

While they are exploring the idea of monogamish - a term coined by Dan Savage, Janet and Eric (I am sure not their real names) seem to be a couple that has many of the qualities that started as a hotwife fantasy.  Like the other couple featured in the Women's Health article, they are committed and seem to communicate very well.  While Eric was the one that introduced the idea, it was his true openness that allowed him to share this experience with her.  He invited her out for a night of couple fun at a strip club while on vacation.  I can imagine he said "seriously" when she agreed to go.  After all, guys, we are intrigued by new experiences - especially on vacation (it's no stretch that Vegas coined the phrase "What Happens in Vegas"). Again, Eric took the lead and introduced Janet to Adultfriendfinder.  Rather than secretly view the site from his basement, Eric asked her if she'd view it with him.  No stretch there.  It's simply an online site and Janet, I am sure, felt safe in the anonymity of it all (like most of us, we all have many friends and co-workers that we don't want to know of our 'activities').

Where this couple really went out and explored was in their decision to visit a swinger's club.  I am sure this came after a lot of time spent on AFF, looking at profiles, exchanging messages with others, getting comfortable, viewing others on cam and, ultimately, playing on camera. I love that the article says that Janet and Eric discussed the ground rules before each encounter.  Communication with what you are - and aren't - comfortable doing is so important ever step of the exploration.  They then decided that this wasn't their scene and went to a newbie orientation for a private swing club.  Here's where the article was interesting to me.

It seems that while Eric remains reserved (I get the impression he is a bit shy), he allows Janet to play...a hotwife fantasy.  Janet has had oral sex with another.  Eric has only had some light touch - the article says a massage.  When asked about emotional boundaries, Janet says, "I'd be jealous if he were to do something without me there.".  Eric quickly reassures her that would never happen.  While it's not said, Eric doesn't seem to have this same concern.  In fact, earlier, he describes having others' positively comment about Janet's body (while on webcam) this way: "I never thought I'd be turned on by other men seeing my wife nude, but I really was."  Janet was aroused by the attention as well.  It seems, Eric thinks of his wife as a hotwife and is, clearly, willing to forego his physical pleasure for the mental eroticism of seeing Janet nude, playing and having sex.

I think what is most telling is near the end of the article.  When the interviewer asks them what is next (after a night where another man joined them for a massage and Janet had to push Eric to touch another woman), Janet is the one that jumps in with a response.  It's as if, while Eric introduced the idea, Janet has gained her libido, her confidence and has taken the true role of hot wife! favorite quote from the article...."They have a sort of blissed-out afterglow usually reserved for honeymooders.  Eric says, "She's been really lovey today.  She keeps saying 'I love you so much, you'r my best friend.  It's nice to hear".  It seems allowing Janet to remain comfortable, take the lead and always communicating has worked out well for this budding husband of a hotwife!

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OCTristan said...

I used to work in Orlando and visited a couple Swinger Clubs in the area. Had a great time! Didn't have sex with anyone due to my shyness, But met a lot of wonderful people there!